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one thing (laugh/cry)



Nike/MVP Puppets/Lil Dez commericals..
Lil Dez rap
Lebron & Dez home alone
Kobe & Lebron babysit Lil Dez
This just "cracks me up". Oh my goodness yes.


West Wing opening credits (the link is to the season 3 version)

The West Wing is one of my all time favorite TV shows. This opening credits, the visuals and the music by W.G. "Snuffy" Walden, give me goosebumps and tear up without fail.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

september eighth two thousand and ten

Today I ... went to Duzan's last night with P, shared a sandwich and strawberry-kiwi snapple drink. went to bed around 1ish am. got up at 7 am. each doing our thing until 9:40 am when I ran out the door for my interview. (two best morning online finds? Ryan Jones (one of my OSU peeps!) is going to be in Antigua for 2 years as his Peace Corps stint, and he is keeping a blog... which reminds me, gotta find link to Tony Wong's blog again... AND that ^Elmo made an open call on youtube^ to submit a question - and he will answer some of them!)

had my interview from 11 am-noon (was there by like 10:40! yay!). was out until 2ish. went 34th street (I guess 34th/penn station on the C or B?) on the way home and ended up in herald square. got mickey d's ice cream cone, also did this thing kraft was doing about feeding america - i don't know, got some free kraft coupons and food. from 2ish-3:30ish was by myself at apartment/P's place, eating lunch and the like. gathering my things in backpack. etc.

330ish-5:23 pm was with P. in Peter G's convertible to Brooklyn. Then hoping on the L to ?8th Ave then the B (C? something?) to Penn Station-34th Street. Until we found the line for P to catch the train (buy his ticket) to Newark airport. I went and got myself blood orange (and a 1/4 mango) sorbet in the row of Penn Station, also the last missing piece of ^burts bees lip balm^ (the regular beeswax is classic. love pomegranate, got the mango recently but yet to use, now at the duane reade got the acai berry (rejuvenating)! have never seen but would like to try ^Res-Q^).

Went to Herald Square.. over to the "park" areas and sat down and ate my stuff. I saw a group of three gals, two with red hair, one with really bright/bold (and pretty) red hair.. and I wondered if it was ^@karahaupt^. so i did a ^tweet^ about it. oh and somewhere around here got a pumpkin & cream cheese muffin from starbucks (and no, did not eat it-will tomorrow in little bits over the day. I had to use the bathroom and that was what I could find)

I then went to Canal Street (obviously going to Chinatown). Wandered my way (by foot) to Grand Street, but fruit market places were closed. Somehow in Chinatown I thought I put $10 (two $5) in my pocket, but ended up with only one when I got to my dinner place. So I got dumplings (pork&cabbage-8-boiled)... & then right before subway I got milk tea (with boba bubbles, and kiwi flavor). Hopped on the subway, rode home eating dumplings and drinking my tea. waited for a longggg (well it seemed long) time for the m60, but did get it, and rode it home.

tonight i am chatting on twitter/gmail... reading my twitter feed, with a bit of tumblr thrown in, a bit of google reader, getting directions for saturday, loving ^THIS^ post .. and omg, you can get so so lost at the pretty via the Mad Men Casting Call Contest ^website^. L&O:UK (which might just be my second favorite L&O after the original. L&O CI and SVU have had their moments off/on over the years, and LOLA is too early to tell) is BACK with season 3 starting tomorrow.. and I can't help but be a tiny bit excited. :)

oh and in random celeb news..super super minor (but still "aw, MAN..")... LFO's (of that 1999 pop song "Summer Girls") lead singer, Rich Cronin, died today of a battle with leukemia. He was 35 years old. (via ^TMZ^)

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9/3 with da links

Drawn To Stitch book
The Found Object In Textile Art book
Stitch, Fall 2010 magazine

color cards for sullivan's

tumblr search for elmo jimmy fallon (to do and see what comes up)

from a tumblr (A is from the sidebar B is the header of the blog):

things are complicated,
i don't know what i'm doing,
who i'm becoming,
who i am.

The Words She Wrote

Rhi ....her BLOG and her FLICKR and her TUMBLR and her TWITTER and her ETSY and her DAILYBOOTH

Kara ....her BLOG and her FLICKR and her TUMBLR and her TWITTER and her ETSY

embroidered plastic bags
eco fashion, avant-garde, and making clothes by hand

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august was & september will

AUGUST was my first month away from home. well, at least what was my home (columbus, ohio). and starting over with a new place to call home (astoria, new york). also away from my family. i miss and love them, some moments more than others. was my first celebrity encounter. from going to the brooklyn museum of art on the opening day of Abdi Farah's exhibit. i ended up meeting Abdi and most of the cast from Work of Art. was spending time with Peter, my BFF. talking, chilling, watching tv, going out and about, trips to the grocery store, advice/brainstorming sessions, misunderstandings (not that many) was pounding pavement. - filling out job applications, handing out resumes, looking around online. was exploring The City and the subway system. was discovering the best places to buy food and fresh fruit and even a little candy. was gaining a tiny obsession with friendship bracelets, embroidery floss, japanese craft books (embroidery, sewing, bracelets, etc). - even finding two bookstores in bryant park area!! :) was saying goodbye to six feet under. starting mad men together (peter+i). continuing its always sunny, louie, parks and recreation. lamenting the loss of six feet under & wishing modern family was back on the air. was becoming the fruit dealer. living in the delicate ecosystem of the rainforest as toucan sam.

SEPTEMBER will be saying goodbye to peter. luckily not forever, just his trip to asia for two months. (leaves weds sept 8) will bring tasty foods. apple anything (pie, crisp, cider, or even just plain!), hot chocolate, eggnog, pumpkin pie, pecan pie, cranberry sauce, turkey+stuffing+mashed potatoes casserole, sweet potatoes, halloween candy, cinnamon spice, and more. will have me wearing sweaters and hoodies and tshirts for layers/layering. and jeans/skirts. perhaps even the appearance of tights if anyone is so lucky. will mark the beginning of my new friendship with kara. i am nervous she will not like me or be "too cool" or whatever. but we are in the same area and i've adored her blog/classes/etsy/twitter etc. etc. for years now. i will not forgive myself if I don't at least TRY. will contain the spark that jump starts my favorite season. i love the colors. the weather. the back to school vibe (i'm a sucker for school supplies even when I don't go to school). the energy and spirit. will have me think more. create more. hesitate less. procrastinate less. will end (if not already) misc tv shows... but this is the month where most of the shows "start" for the year.

[inspired by this post]

Friday, August 27, 2010

This week...

--I have had three callbacks (Argo Tea on Monday (interview on Tues), 'wichcraft on Wednesday (interview on Thurs), and Fish Eddy's today/Thurs (calling back tomorrow/Friday).
--filled out a lot of online job forms and/or paper applications and/or handed out my resume (not to mention all the pounding of pavement...)
--watched plenty of Nip/Tuck season 5
--ended Six Feet Under with Peter (when was it that we watched the finale?)
--spray painted a rusty/old metal baking sheet purple, got paint all over my hands (weds)
--talked to on the phone... my dad (mon?, tues, weds), my mom (thurs), kenny (thurs), char (tues - well, by text and that's how you can reach her)
--getting to know subway/Union Square area/The City more and more.
-drank my last diet sunkist-sparkling lemonade (thurs)
--dreamed of employment at 'sesame workshop' :)
--not slept very well (so what else is new!)
--met the mailman
--got postal mail (EW on thurs, grover kit & makers faire box of posters/postcards/fun extras weds, turquoise thread mon?)
--bought groceries. in several places.
--didn't go to chinatown.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Thursday, August 19, 2010

nothing but the usual (linkage galore)

Chagall Stained Glass (at the United Nations Headquarters in NYC)
Art Journaling Week August 16-22 (at Balzer Designs blog)
Summer of Love group (via Flickr)
fuckyeahfriendshipbracelets group (via Tumblr)

Bert & Ernie cross-stitch kit (via ebay)
Water Paper Paint (book coming out 12/15)

SOL Part 1 (via Michelle Clement's blog)
Artist Spotlight: Heidi Kenney (via Danielle Thompson's blog)
Naked (via kind over matter blog I think)
table for two: desserts for breakfast
Journaling In Your Own Words

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aug 6 (friday)
august 18 (2 weeks from today)
sept 15
sept 29

to read: ( Why I Live at the P.O. by Eudora Welty)


other links
alec vanderboom

memorable day

yesterday was a beautiful fall/autumn day (september) in NYC/New York. :)

From just recently finishing my first quarter at OSU (in which I got As in Intro to African Lit & 19th century Russian Lit, and a B- in Drugs & Modern Society), to spending a few days cleaning up my room / craft space/ upstairs bathroom at my house, to pack my bags for NY at the same time...I came here for a few weeks to relax, spend time with my friends, etc.

So I was doing my thing... working on craft projects, reading blogs, sleeping in, using the evenings/weekends to get quality friend time in...

Then yesterday I went and had a big adventure. My BFF had a work meeting in the I figured, hey, what the heck? Let me go with.

As much as I love Six Feet Under, painting on the porch with acrylics, designing art projects, Flight of the Conchords, finishing Firefly/Serenity, talking, laughing, planning my future, sleeping in a cool room, Michael's within walking distance, sleeping in, having nibbles of Frosty's and other tasties, 14 months and talks and shiny, and so much more... it will be terribly sad to go. This is my home, which I've felt since earlier this year... but back in Ohio: Ready to get my package from Elsie (I ordered it at the start of the week, and it didn't arrive before I left.. and now it'll be 2 1/2 weeks by the time I get home, so I hope it is there), whatever misc mail I got, misc tv shows (start of ANTM, getting to end if not actually over of Burn Notice, L&O:CI, The Cleaner..and fall season means shows start back up again, and want to try out Fringe and Dollhouse, not sure of anything else?), be around my family, get books/$$ & all else straight before fall quarter, continue to search for a job at school (or on High St. if necessary)..although I might have an interview already lined up, get Vitamin D levels fixed, JURY DUTY (so looking forward to it..), etc.

(wow, this post was in my draft folder. -T 8/13/10)
Today I love....

ONE specific blog (or other places) posts

A) Wednesday magic (over at Kara's blog)
B) I'm giving away art (over at colorgirl's blog)
C) OhHiShop - Stitches (over at her flickr site)
D) Lunch Bag Tutorial Round-Up & Giveaway (on the Sew Mama Sew! blog)
E) Win 26 Alphabet Set embroidery patterns - deadline August 31 (on Sew Mama Sew! blog/flickr)
F) teal + turquoise (via a new blog love "emma lamb")
G) build your own cupcake download (via vol25's blog)
H) new embroidery project (via cornflower blue studio's blog)

TWO Sesame Street

..on tumblr
..on twitter
..on facebook
..season 41 press kit

THREE Abdi/Work of Art ...the winning exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum will be opening tomorrow, August 14 and there through October 17. (see here)

I am so happy that my favorites; Peregrine, Miles, and Abdi were the final three. I loved the story, passion, and energy from Miles's work, but it was a bit too abstract at the end for me. Peregrine had my favorite - the throwing up drawings, the whimsical feel, the ponies - extensions of her winning piece from a previous week, the stunning baby fawn piece. Abdi really amazed me in his final piece of the show (the nature challenge). I liked his stuff early on, but more recently his work had been sub-par. It was nice to see him shine in the end, I love the concept and vision of his work and I look forward to seeing in person at least once (if not a few times) the whole package live/in person during his two months stint at the museum.

Oh, and I follow Peregrine's blog and twitter (website - birdies panties ), Abdi's blog and twitter, Miles's website along with Nicole's twitter and various other folks (Jaime Lynn website). - I hope there is a season 2! This is the best thing on Bravo since my other reality show love, Project Runway!!

Peregrine Honig
…and suddenly, everything became very clear
An installation of sketches and drawings
(for The Dolphin Gallery this fall)


astoria, new york. yes, indeed. i love the fruit stands. i love the food choices (favorites are united bros fruit company in astoria, chinatown in "da city" overall, and the grocery store at the end of the N/Q train). i think i had more to say here, but I seemed to have misplaced my brain.

FIVE the locals:
laila grainawi - williamsburg, new york (her blog)
kara haupt - brooklyn, new york (her blog, twitter, tumblr, flickr, etsy, etc)
joetta maue - brooklyn, new york (blog, flickr, etc.)
(and there are more, those are just a few that come to mind)

*getting bracelets from Mimii ...a package from her coming who knows when!
*winning this prize from samantha kira/journal girl!
*mail from my dad yesterday including an EW that was sent to my Ohio apartment.
*mail wednesday from Queens Public Library
*mail tuesday from cute etsy shop (fabric & sashiko thread sampler!) & official FS packet.


Originally uploaded by wildolive
um, can we say WOW? :)

Thursday, July 8, 2010

On my mind...

Columbus Metropolitan Library (Columbus, OH) are the 2010 winner of the Gale/Library Journal Library of the Year award! (2007 was Worthington Libraries (Worthington, OH) and 2009 was Queens Public Library (Queens, NY)).

Dani Carlson's birthday is today.

new blogs to read a bit and if like then add to my google reader:

wayyy too many posts to ever catch up:
Creature Comforts
?Library Journal blogs -

A Natalie Chanin Inspired Booklist
Project #58 Canvas Tote Printing Project
Project #39 Wild Things Tote
Project #30 Water Colour Resist Painting
Project #26 Frame Art
Raspberry Rosemary Cooler
30 Journals, 30 Days profile Nessa

Originally uploaded by lucie camp
this would be super fun to make and hang art journal pages or something on it (don't have nor want Polaroid camera)


Originally uploaded by Kiran Bhat.
I love the colors and texture on the top two thirds of the photo. lovely.

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Monday, July 5, 2010

darien (ct) library (5-9 pm today)

Dubuffet by Andreas Franzke
Work of Jean Dubuffet - N.Y. Museum of Art
Julian Schnabel ... Malerei / Paintings 1978-2003 by Hatie Cantz
Everything That Rises : A Book on Convergences by Lawrence Weschler
Editorial and Political Cartooning by Syd Hoff
RUSSIAN 360 - Russian Dreams and Nightmares: The Modern Russian Experience through Film
Days & Times Room Instructor Meeting Dates
0010-LEC(20893) MoWe 4:30PM - 6:18PM TBA Staff 1/4/2010 - 3/12/2010
0020-LEC(20894) TuTh 4:30PM - 6:18PM TBA Staff 1/4/2010 - 3/12/2010

RUSSIAN 522 - Modernism and Revolution in Russian Literature
0010-LEC(25825) Days & Times Room Instructor Meeting Dates
MoWe 11:30AM - 1:18PM TBA Irene Ingeborg Delic 1/4/2010 - 3/12/2010

INTSTDS 550 - Cultural Diplomacy 0010-LEC(13886)
Days & Times Room Instructor Meeting Dates
TuTh 4:30PM - 6:18PM TBA Donald Allen Hempson 1/4/2010 - 3/12/2010

POLITSC 512 - Women and Politics 0010-LEC(19928)
Days & Times Room Instructor Meeting Dates
MoWe 11:30AM - 1:18PM TBA Dana E. Wittmer 1/4/2010 - 3/12/2010

POLITSC 527 - The Canadian Political System 0010-LEC(25730)
Days & Times Room Instructor Meeting Dates
TuTh 2:30PM - 4:18PM Scott Lab N0048 Randall B Ripley 1/4/2010 - 3/12/2010

POLITSC 541 - Politics of the Developing World 0010-LEC(19934)
Days & Times Room Instructor Meeting Dates
MoWe 12:30PM - 2:18PM Hopkins Hall 0162 Marcus Jurgen Kurtz 1/4/2010 - 3/12/2010

POLITSC 556 - Global Governance 0010-LEC(25610)
Days & Times Room Instructor Meeting Dates
MoWe 1:30PM - 3:18PM Page Hall 0020 Jennifer Mitzen 1/4/2010 - 3/12/2010

?POLITSC 571 - Political Theories of Democracy 0010-LEC(19947)
Days & Times Room Instructor Meeting Dates
TuTh 11:30AM - 1:18PM TBA Michael A. Neblo 1/4/2010 - 3/12/2010

POLITSC 551 - The United Nations System in Global Problem Solving 0010-LEC(26327)
TuTh 5:30PM - 7:18PM TBA Erin Reyne Graham 1/4/2010 - 3/12/2010

POLITSC 551 Un Glbl Prob Slvng 5.00 Graded A-E B 15.000 (IR)
POLITSC 245 US In Wrld Politix 5.00 Graded A-E A- 18.500 (IR)
POLITSC 528 Pol Eur Integratn 5.00 Graded A-E I (C)
POLITSC 559 Intrntl Envrtl Pol 5.00 Graded A-E B 15.000 (IR)

INTSTDS 550 Cultural Diplomacy 5.00 Graded A-E (?)
POLISH 631 Polish Lit 1900-Pr 5.00 Graded A-E -
POLITSC 503 Public Opinion 5.00 Graded A-E (A)
POLITSC 545 For Pol Dec Making 5.00 Graded A-E (IR)