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I have no idea why I haven't seen this until now.. what a GREAT photo (s :))!!!!!!!!!!!! I love love this in so many ways/levels. :) <3 xoxo.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Wish/Want List 2009:

*ReadyMade subscription $20 for 2 years
*CRAFT digital subscription $35
*renew Entertainment Weekly subscription
*renew Flickr paid/pro account $25

*Hand Job: A Catalog of Hand Type by Mike Perry $35(?)
*Stencil 101
*Lotta Prints: How to Print With Anything, From Potatoes to Linoleum By Lotta Jansdotter, Jenny Hallengren Paperback $19.95

*Mixed Mania: Recipes for Delicious Mixed Media Creations by Debbi Crane and Cheryl Prater / Interweave / November 2008 / here
*Sukie Iron-Ons By Darrell Gibbs and Julia Harding $12.95 / Chronicle Books / Released December 2008 here
*Iron Me On: 30 Sheets of Awesome Fabric Transfers By Mike Perry $12.95 / Chronicle Books / Released Feb 25, 2009
*Printmaking + Mixed Media by Dorit Elisha $22.95 / Interweave Press / Release: June 2009 / here

Monday, February 2, 2009

spring 2009

woohoo! signup time! :)

Call Number Section Type Restrictor Days Time Building/Room Instructor
18052-8 LD M W 1130-0118 EL 2004 THOMPSON*A
559 International Environmental Politics U G 5 Theories and debates over sustainable development, environment and security, and effectiveness of international regimes with a focus on international fisheries management and global climate change.

Quarter: Spring 2009 | Course: SLAVIC H584 | Course Title: DEAD MAN WRITING | Credits: 5 | Number of Waitlisted Students: 0
Course Availability Information Call Number Section Type Mobility Grp Days Term Meeting Times Building/Room Enrolled Open Seats Instructor
21919-9 L ?ARR? M W 0430P-0618 HH 0251 0 16
H584 Dead Man Writing: Literary Representations of Capital Punishment U 5 Study of execution as a theme in literature of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Au Qtr. 2 2-hr cl. Prereq: Enrollment in an honors program or by permission of department or instructor. Taught in English.

COMP STD 373 05814-1 05 D T R 0130P-0318 HH0050 02/02/09
COMP STD 573 05820-7 05 D T R 0930A-1110 DB0048 02/02/09
POLIT SC 559 18052-8 05 LD M W 1130A-0118 EL2004 02/02/09
SLAVIC H584 21919-9 05 L M W 0430P-0618 HH0251 02/02/09


Future ideas:
(6 more spots... three in autumn 2009 three in winter 2010; must have 2 other distribution courses (japanese or EALL as one perhaps, and Polish63 or Slavic, Russian, etc. as the other?); one Middle East courses (perhaps CS 376?); so that leaves three more free spots):

CS 376 The Jewish Mystical Tradition U 5 The history of Jewish mysticism from antiquity to the present, with emphasis on its implications for the comparative study of religious experience. H376 (honors) may be available to students enrolled in an honors program or by permission of department or instructor. Prereq: English 110 or equiv. Not open to students with credit for Rel Stds or Hebrew 376. Cross-listed in Hebrew. GEC arts and hums cultures and ideas course.


CS TXTCL (Consumer Sciences: Textiles and Clothing) 371 Textiles U 5 Fiber properties, yarn and fabric construction, color, and finishes as they relate to performance, care, and consumer satisfaction. Au, Wi, Sp Qtrs. 3 1.5 hr cl. Prereq: 2nd yr standing. Not open to students with credit for Txtl&Clo 371.

International Studies 551 Peacekeeping & Collective Security
International Studies 552? Model U.N.

Linguistics 383 Words and Meanings U 5 An introduction to semantics focussing on word meanings, meaning in word formation, meaning change over time, and cognitive processes involved in word learning and use. Su, Au, Wi, Sp Qtrs. 2 2-hr cl. Prereq: 201 or 202; and English 110 or 111.

Linguistics 597.02 Language and the Law: A Cross Cultural Perspective U 5 Examination of the role of interpretation of language in the law and in legal proceedings, with special consideration of issues in international law and multi-lingual jurisdictions.

Psychology 475 The Self U 5 Survey of classic and contemporary theory and research on social psychological study of the self; diverse approaches, and various gender, ethnic, and cross-cultural perspectives. Prereq: 325 or 367.01 or 375.

Spanish 520 Latin American Literature (in Translation): Fictions and Realities U G 5

things in Russian, Slavic, Polish, EELL, EALL, Japanese,