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Bend The Rules with Fabric - Amy Karol August 25, 2009
Embroidered Effects - Jenny Hart Sept 2009 JUST WANT THE ROBOT DIALS PATTERN
Somerset Art Journaling Autumn 2009 - September 1, 2009 Appliqué Your Way - Kayte Terry Sept 30, 2009Alabama Studio Style: More Projects, Recipes, & Stories Celebrating Sustainable Fashion & Living (Hardcover) - March 1, 2010

To check out from library:
I Love Patchwork
Sew Liberated

Creative Ideas to Use up Old Sweaters

Creative Ideas to Use up Old Sweaters

Sock Doll Book Review

Sock Doll Book Review

Sunday, August 9, 2009 -- drawings -- pretty clothes!

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captivating me.

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LOVE this

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Pritzker Pavilion bathroom

to print and use for art

the first time without since summer 1995?

i miss school.
i miss the campus area.
i miss high street.
the CABS and COTA bus systems. my teachers. the TAs. my classmates. my classes. my schedules. the weather. the walking around. the walking. the friends. (yeah i actually have made a few of those) my favorite bus driver. the #31 and #2 routes. i miss packing my lunch. i miss running to get to school on time. i miss staying up late trying to get a paper/project/assignment done. i miss asking questions. i miss listening and learning. i miss the difficulties. i miss the challenges. i miss that little spark inside of me that is energetic and keeps growing/changing/evolving.

[[summer 96 whetstone library summer 97 main library summer 98 main library & training for COSI summer 99, 00, 01 COSI summer 02, 03 FV summer 04, 05, 06 FV and CSCC summer 07 CSCC summer 08 OSU summer 09 (fill in the blank/empty/don't know yet)]]


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8 things list..the current meme

8 Things I Am Looking Forward To:

* chatting tonight on The Spark challenge blog, although the chat starts at 8 pm my time (7 pm CST/1 am for miss kim smith in england)... and I usually get home around 9 pm, so hopefully people will still be around! // the new Use Your Type prompt is being posted today :)
* getting my grades back on my midterms (EU class tonight, 559 on monday, and I take my 245 one tomorrow, so probably get it back on monday)
* going grocery shopping with my brother tomorrow :) (wednesdays are our usual day, when I get home around 6 pm from school)
* coming up with something awesome/making it/having fun with the latest Work Your Soul challenge which is EMBROIDERY *swoon at kim's things already :)*
* finishing my mini book/art journal/project thing which I submitted to challenge blogs Work Your Soul (analog photos), The Art is Found (green grass), and The Spark (favorite color combo)
* general CRAFT/ART TIME! Just got latest issue of Cloth Paper Scissors yesterday plus have a few other misc craft/art magazines.. and projects in progress and ideas for new ones/things to try and etc. :)
* watching tv shows I'm behind on: America's Next Top Model, L&O:CI, Castle, House, Jon + Kate Plus Eight, and whatever else is on the TV recording things..
* books/magazines coming out this year... Sara Fanelli (I Think, Therefore I am), Amy Karol's new sewing/craft book, Sew Somerset Summer and Autumn issues, Print Making + Mixed Media (out August I think?) and probably others I'm forgeting..

(I wish I had this on my list, not just Janel's! * RVA Craft weekend AND * Meeting blog friends this weekend)

8 Things I Did Yesterday:
* because of the beautiful weather..high of 80s I think?..I wore my bright pink 'live. laugh. love.' shirt and my sky blue corderoy skirt and my sky blue sneakers
* had my 8:30 am class (polisci 245) ..jason is a good teacher (entertaining, interesting, engaging, passionate, laid-back, etc). and mark always hooks me up with print outs of the powerpoint slides for the day. :)
* 559 midterm (10:30 am-2 pm in Professor Thompson's office)
* freaked out/cramped my left hand (writing almost non stop from 8:30 am-2 pm does that to ya.. that's 5 1/2 hours!)
* went to my favorite thrift/vintage stores (one the general kind, one the clothing kind)
* got my favorite evening bus driver on the express bus (i wish i knew his name)
* took the evening off because I worked so hard (my brain hurt, my hand hurt, tired, dehydrated from the hot weather, etc.)
* watched last week's new episode of Castle (the show is kind of cliche, but nathan fillion had me after "firefly")

8 Things I Wish I Could do:
* Motivate myself more (stop playing spider solitare for one!)
* crochet, sew my own clothes, book binding, encaustic, paint on stretched canvas, and a million other crafty/arty things
* relax
* french knots (I try and I just don't get it) -- on Janel's list but I have to keep this because I totally agree!
* win some bloggy giveaways/RAKs/challenge blogs/etc.
* have more penpals (send letters, postcards, art supplies, handmade items, etc.)
* not be so clumsy/out of balance/etc. bugs bite me. i bruise easily. etc. (but i do like scars, don't get me wrong)

8 Shows I Watch:
* Law & Order franchise (original flavor, Special Victims Unit, and Criminal Intent)
* Project Runway (season 5 on Lifetime starts in August)
* America's Next Top Model (currently in cycle 12)
* Castle/Fringe (freshmen/rookies on the TV roster)
* Burn Notice (season 3 on USA starts in June? July?)
* Jon and Kate Plus Eight (I love that family.. and those kids are so cute!)
* Grey's Anatomy/Private Practice (my thursdays on ABC duo)
* guilty pleasures: Pretty Wicked, Road Rules/Real World Challenges (currently Duel II)

8 Favorite Fruits:
* Oranges
* Bananas
* berries... strawberries, blackberries, raspberries, cherries, etc. (not a giant fan of blueberries)
* Kiwi
* Grapes
* Grapefruit
* Apples
* most any other..I LOVE fruit (and anything related.. made with/flavored with/etc)

8 Places I’d Like to Travel To:
* Chicago
* San Fransisco (get a photoshoot with miss caitlin!)
* Idaho (to meet Kara :))
* England (to meet Kim Smith, RhiCaroline, etc.)
* Springfield, MO (meet Elsie, Rachel, Jeremy, etc. and get Janel over there too..)
* Poland (only because I've been so fascinated/interested in the country)
* China/Japan (let's hit them with a one-two punch)
* again?: Portland, Washington D.C., Philadelphia, NYC, and Taiwan.

8 Places I’ve Lived:
* Taiwan (where I was born)
* house in dublin
* house in upper arlington
* house in clintonville
* house in mt. gilead
* house in worthington
* New York (for a few weeks every few months for the past few years :))
...I think that's it?

Janel's is here
Holly's is here

OH! And because I feel like it... and the lists above only total seven different ones...

8 random facts about me
* I don't usually like animals, but Tinker (past) and Shelley (current) family dogs I do like. :)
* when I was a kid I wanted to be: an author, a mailman, and "someone who names paint colors"
* I never cared for fish (besides fish sticks which doesn't count!) until late 2007
* I love mixing my food together..sometimes that makes awfully interesting combos. :)
* I'm sensitive/dislike loud noises (crowds of people, fireworks, etc)
* I like the smell of my earwax.
* I love people's handwriting
* I "get emotional/tear up" (if not start crying/sobbing) everytime I hear the west wing theme music. *sigh*
* almost all of my google blog reader is craft/art/inspiration/etc. type blogs and sites. (well besides my folder for current events/UN/IR/etc. that I still need to get in the habit of reading)... however SO@24 is my entertainment/guy's perspective/and i'm not sure how else to quite to describe it..I can't remember how or when I found it, but I've been a reader of it since at least earlier this year, if not longer.

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polisci s09 thoughts

PS559 topic #1
*pollution/coral reefs topic??
*EU/environment topic?? EUROPA – Activities of the European Union – Environment Topics: general, waste, noise, air pollution, water, nature and biodiversity, soil protection, civil protection, climate change
*other sources: Environment, Energy, and Agriculture: / Environmental News Network
Coral Reefs

PS245 paper idea?
"image/identity of the United States and talk about domestic public opinion versus
international public opinion (like individuals, not government officials or whatnot)"

PS528N final (1/3rd of my grade) - I'm representing Poland:
*Mock meeting of European Council (EC)..topic: Enlargement (not specific yet)
*Position Paper ..topic: Enlargement (not specific yet)

Thursday, March 5, 2009

RVA "Pretty" Online Class comments/thoughts/etc. from tonight's chat

I'm in the process of my renditions of #1 ('Color Me Happy' Rainbow Scrapbook) #6 (Spring Buds Jersey Scarf) and #10 (Embroidered Photo Art). I have #3 Felt Tipi Village, #4 'Hide Them Here' Journal Covers, #7 Felt Wall Art, #8 Panda Bear Plushie, #11 Needlepoint Art on my to do list.

Looking most forward to of the upcoming stuff: #13 Happy Thrifties #16 Springtime Apron (especially after that lovely preview picture from you Miss Rachel) #17 I Heart Handmade Mobiles, #18 Tank Tops + Doilies = True Love #19 Textile Reconstruction from Flea Market Finds #25 Spring Brooch Patterns #26 Shiny Shoes Makeover #28 Doily Necklace #30 40 New Embroidery Designs

woohoo, an answer to my Q!! :)

Elsie, any chance there are an embroidery pattern or two (new ones that is) coming up in the RVA update? I adore your patterns and own all of them so far.. :)
A: yes.... I have to do it!! Our new site has a downloadable option feature, I am still getting lessons on how to upload different kinds of products! So yes, soon.. not sure about this week. :D
Posted by: elsie flannigan | 03/05/2009 at 09:01 PM

Jenipher... so you would have a hookup to getting me Anthropologie catalogs? ;) I am looking for as many as possible to use for craft projects.. (and must I really pay someone on ebay for them? :P)

day 150 (365 year one) 03/05/08

One year ago today....

(reminds me I should maybe try 365 again. I liked doing it. :))

day 110 (365 year one) 01/25/08 reject

Sometimes, there are just those days when you feel like this......

(and no, not angry.)

PS I'm a Political Science major now. And I love my PoliSci class / professor this quarter. :)

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I have no idea why I haven't seen this until now.. what a GREAT photo (s :))!!!!!!!!!!!! I love love this in so many ways/levels. :) <3 xoxo.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Wish/Want List 2009:

*ReadyMade subscription $20 for 2 years
*CRAFT digital subscription $35
*renew Entertainment Weekly subscription
*renew Flickr paid/pro account $25

*Hand Job: A Catalog of Hand Type by Mike Perry $35(?)
*Stencil 101
*Lotta Prints: How to Print With Anything, From Potatoes to Linoleum By Lotta Jansdotter, Jenny Hallengren Paperback $19.95

*Mixed Mania: Recipes for Delicious Mixed Media Creations by Debbi Crane and Cheryl Prater / Interweave / November 2008 / here
*Sukie Iron-Ons By Darrell Gibbs and Julia Harding $12.95 / Chronicle Books / Released December 2008 here
*Iron Me On: 30 Sheets of Awesome Fabric Transfers By Mike Perry $12.95 / Chronicle Books / Released Feb 25, 2009
*Printmaking + Mixed Media by Dorit Elisha $22.95 / Interweave Press / Release: June 2009 / here

Monday, February 2, 2009

spring 2009

woohoo! signup time! :)

Call Number Section Type Restrictor Days Time Building/Room Instructor
18052-8 LD M W 1130-0118 EL 2004 THOMPSON*A
559 International Environmental Politics U G 5 Theories and debates over sustainable development, environment and security, and effectiveness of international regimes with a focus on international fisheries management and global climate change.

Quarter: Spring 2009 | Course: SLAVIC H584 | Course Title: DEAD MAN WRITING | Credits: 5 | Number of Waitlisted Students: 0
Course Availability Information Call Number Section Type Mobility Grp Days Term Meeting Times Building/Room Enrolled Open Seats Instructor
21919-9 L ?ARR? M W 0430P-0618 HH 0251 0 16
H584 Dead Man Writing: Literary Representations of Capital Punishment U 5 Study of execution as a theme in literature of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Au Qtr. 2 2-hr cl. Prereq: Enrollment in an honors program or by permission of department or instructor. Taught in English.

COMP STD 373 05814-1 05 D T R 0130P-0318 HH0050 02/02/09
COMP STD 573 05820-7 05 D T R 0930A-1110 DB0048 02/02/09
POLIT SC 559 18052-8 05 LD M W 1130A-0118 EL2004 02/02/09
SLAVIC H584 21919-9 05 L M W 0430P-0618 HH0251 02/02/09


Future ideas:
(6 more spots... three in autumn 2009 three in winter 2010; must have 2 other distribution courses (japanese or EALL as one perhaps, and Polish63 or Slavic, Russian, etc. as the other?); one Middle East courses (perhaps CS 376?); so that leaves three more free spots):

CS 376 The Jewish Mystical Tradition U 5 The history of Jewish mysticism from antiquity to the present, with emphasis on its implications for the comparative study of religious experience. H376 (honors) may be available to students enrolled in an honors program or by permission of department or instructor. Prereq: English 110 or equiv. Not open to students with credit for Rel Stds or Hebrew 376. Cross-listed in Hebrew. GEC arts and hums cultures and ideas course.


CS TXTCL (Consumer Sciences: Textiles and Clothing) 371 Textiles U 5 Fiber properties, yarn and fabric construction, color, and finishes as they relate to performance, care, and consumer satisfaction. Au, Wi, Sp Qtrs. 3 1.5 hr cl. Prereq: 2nd yr standing. Not open to students with credit for Txtl&Clo 371.

International Studies 551 Peacekeeping & Collective Security
International Studies 552? Model U.N.

Linguistics 383 Words and Meanings U 5 An introduction to semantics focussing on word meanings, meaning in word formation, meaning change over time, and cognitive processes involved in word learning and use. Su, Au, Wi, Sp Qtrs. 2 2-hr cl. Prereq: 201 or 202; and English 110 or 111.

Linguistics 597.02 Language and the Law: A Cross Cultural Perspective U 5 Examination of the role of interpretation of language in the law and in legal proceedings, with special consideration of issues in international law and multi-lingual jurisdictions.

Psychology 475 The Self U 5 Survey of classic and contemporary theory and research on social psychological study of the self; diverse approaches, and various gender, ethnic, and cross-cultural perspectives. Prereq: 325 or 367.01 or 375.

Spanish 520 Latin American Literature (in Translation): Fictions and Realities U G 5

things in Russian, Slavic, Polish, EELL, EALL, Japanese,

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Bloggy Giveaways Carnival Jan 2009

11) Moriah @ Please Pass the Salt ($5 Starbucks)
17) Marla @ Stolen Bon Bons (grand prize-which is what?)
20) Jennifer, Snapshot (5 books your choice) #562
62) Mixed-Media Mania book
61) Peek email device #784
175) $10 gift card of my choice #214
203) Spring Blog Makeover #119
215) $10 Hobby Lobby GC #294
253) #903
:) $45 wherever...
$10 coldstone creamery
$25 walmart #657
344) Gravity of Motion $15 starbucks_more
397) $30 visa card #577
456) $15 itunes or amazon #709
639) $10 digital scrapbooking GC #87
:-( 645)$25 B&N #31

783) $10 Starbucks
#346 I love hot chocolate and apple cider and warm muffins. (and such. not really a coffee drinker.) during the cold winter months (i.e. what we have right now in Ohio!), but never get to treat myself to Starbucks, being a full-time college student. :) thank you so much for the chance to win this.. hope you've had a wonderful week, and if you entered any giveaways yourself, good luck! :) Tiffany/sherunsaway22 [at] yahoo [dot] com

(NOTE: :-( means I didn't win)

Sunday, January 25, 2009

the subtle grays and flashing reds

I first discovered Kurt Halsey's work in late 2005. I've moved on from being the rabid crazy fan (and he has slowed down in merchandise/art shows/etc. over the same period of time)...but I still go to his website/LJ community once in awhile.

In this cold cold winter (my hands are freezing most of all), his work is comforting. quiet, peaceful, simple. but beautiful and elegant (and at times very moving. not the case for this one specifically).

Yet another reason to love Portland. ;) (Along with my Uncle Paul, public transit, lots of places/people that I'd enjoy, Powells bookstore, Leann from Project Runway season 4 is from there-just recently moved to NYC, kate bingham-burt (spelling?) is there, etc.)

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

brazilian music one (of many over the years :))

1/21/09: Les Yeux Noirs Tchorba Tchorba World Village Records 9:32:00AM

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

waiting anxiously..then it arrives so quietly, it is hard to notice.

Of course I didn't check my school email since sunday or something.. and my teacher emailed last night we weren't having class (my 1130-118 one) because so many people were going to be watching the inauguration. So I woke up at 9 am (and have to leave by 9:15 am), so I was running out the door..wasn't anywhere near a computer before arriving to class.

So I was so busy printing things out, checking my email, reading my blogs, now I don't think I have time for McDonald's before class! Meep!

Got class 330-520 pm.. (EALL675), then 6 pm Dr. Gordon appointment, then go home and do homework/eat/craft (and hopefully get to use TV to watch Obama stuff, but I doubt it).

I can't wait for all the magazine covers/articles/etc. I'm getting in the mail sometime. ;) *hint, hint*

(all below was gathered and was to be placed on one of my other blogs, but I don't have the time...)

Right now I am on the look out for any photos depicts brain waves, heart waves, sleep waves...

Websites to check out: - link from Jen Renee screen printing - atc from freezer paper stencils

Blogs to check out (add to google reader if like):

To print: - LA's journaling/her tips - mini book TAIF latest prompt (actually all/most of TAIF, Work Your Soul, Effer Dares, and Creative Type) necklace out of tights :) lovely quote woohoo! the purl bee holiday shopping tips from 2008 - two quotes beautiful fabric ATCs 127_photo

i love how your eyes close, whenever you kiss me. & when i’m away from you, i love how you miss me. i love the way your kiss is always heavenly but darling most of all i love how you love me. i love how your heart beats, whenever i hold you. i love how you think of me without being told to. i love the way your touch is always tenderly but darling most of all i love how you love me. -phil spector

There’s tension between being a fulfilled human being and being right all the time. Feeling vehemently about an issue often blinds us to its complexity, but we’d be machines if we always chose accuracy over enthusiasm. --22words

Every poem can be considered in two ways—as what the poet has to say, and as a thing which he makes. -C. S. Lewis

Top buys:
Released May 1 Sometimes I Think, Sometimes I am (Paperback) by Sara Fanelli (Author)

HandJob: A Catalog of Hand Type

$6 bears cross-stitch pattern
$5.50 sweet cheeks embroidery pattern
$15 hearts day workshop
$4 make. do. create. crafty characters embroidery pattern
$3 hearts day journaling page
!!! Kara class $15

.....and so on from here: