Monday, September 29, 2008

brainstorming on future classes

Comparative Studies 308 Representations of the Experience of War

WINTER 2009:
J252 Modern Japanese Lit in Translation 12214-3 LR MTWRF 0130-0218 CM 0209 TORRANCE*R
Portugese 330 INTRO BRAZ CULTR 05 18155-1 LR T R 1130-0118 CM 0335 GORDON*R
CS 373 Problems in Literary & Cultural Translation OR ?

CS 373 Problems in Literary & Cultural Translation OR ?
CS 573 World Literature in Theory and Practice
Hebrew 671 The Problem of Evil in Biblical and Post-Biblical Literature SP 09 Study of the vexing problem of evil; the seeming contradiction between tradition and experience; extensive readings and discussions of appropriate biblical and post-biblical materials.

between Summer09/Fall 09/Winter 10 (nine):
Polish 631 Polish Literature 1900 to present or/and Russian 656
wish list: J501 J656 Spanish520 NELC360 NELC374 NELC671 ???
PoliSci 551 UN Global Problem Solving
IntStds533 Organized Crime and Corruption in Contemporary Europe U G 5
History 331 The Holocaust //The historical background of the holocaust; dimensions of destruction; world response; post war trials; moral and philosophical issues
German/Yiddish 399 The Holocaust in Literature and Film SP 09 OR Slavic 583 ?

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