Sunday, January 25, 2009

the subtle grays and flashing reds

I first discovered Kurt Halsey's work in late 2005. I've moved on from being the rabid crazy fan (and he has slowed down in merchandise/art shows/etc. over the same period of time)...but I still go to his website/LJ community once in awhile.

In this cold cold winter (my hands are freezing most of all), his work is comforting. quiet, peaceful, simple. but beautiful and elegant (and at times very moving. not the case for this one specifically).

Yet another reason to love Portland. ;) (Along with my Uncle Paul, public transit, lots of places/people that I'd enjoy, Powells bookstore, Leann from Project Runway season 4 is from there-just recently moved to NYC, kate bingham-burt (spelling?) is there, etc.)

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