Thursday, March 5, 2009

RVA "Pretty" Online Class comments/thoughts/etc. from tonight's chat

I'm in the process of my renditions of #1 ('Color Me Happy' Rainbow Scrapbook) #6 (Spring Buds Jersey Scarf) and #10 (Embroidered Photo Art). I have #3 Felt Tipi Village, #4 'Hide Them Here' Journal Covers, #7 Felt Wall Art, #8 Panda Bear Plushie, #11 Needlepoint Art on my to do list.

Looking most forward to of the upcoming stuff: #13 Happy Thrifties #16 Springtime Apron (especially after that lovely preview picture from you Miss Rachel) #17 I Heart Handmade Mobiles, #18 Tank Tops + Doilies = True Love #19 Textile Reconstruction from Flea Market Finds #25 Spring Brooch Patterns #26 Shiny Shoes Makeover #28 Doily Necklace #30 40 New Embroidery Designs

woohoo, an answer to my Q!! :)

Elsie, any chance there are an embroidery pattern or two (new ones that is) coming up in the RVA update? I adore your patterns and own all of them so far.. :)
A: yes.... I have to do it!! Our new site has a downloadable option feature, I am still getting lessons on how to upload different kinds of products! So yes, soon.. not sure about this week. :D
Posted by: elsie flannigan | 03/05/2009 at 09:01 PM

Jenipher... so you would have a hookup to getting me Anthropologie catalogs? ;) I am looking for as many as possible to use for craft projects.. (and must I really pay someone on ebay for them? :P)

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  1. hmm.. you are further ahead than i bought the moleskin journals..LOL! that is all!!