Thursday, July 2, 2009

the first time without since summer 1995?

i miss school.
i miss the campus area.
i miss high street.
the CABS and COTA bus systems. my teachers. the TAs. my classmates. my classes. my schedules. the weather. the walking around. the walking. the friends. (yeah i actually have made a few of those) my favorite bus driver. the #31 and #2 routes. i miss packing my lunch. i miss running to get to school on time. i miss staying up late trying to get a paper/project/assignment done. i miss asking questions. i miss listening and learning. i miss the difficulties. i miss the challenges. i miss that little spark inside of me that is energetic and keeps growing/changing/evolving.

[[summer 96 whetstone library summer 97 main library summer 98 main library & training for COSI summer 99, 00, 01 COSI summer 02, 03 FV summer 04, 05, 06 FV and CSCC summer 07 CSCC summer 08 OSU summer 09 (fill in the blank/empty/don't know yet)]]


  1. I know how you feel! I just graduated from uni, moaned about it the whole time I was there, and now I'm rid of it... I miss it :( Particularly being able to ask questions and have them answered.

    Thanks for following!