Friday, August 13, 2010

memorable day

yesterday was a beautiful fall/autumn day (september) in NYC/New York. :)

From just recently finishing my first quarter at OSU (in which I got As in Intro to African Lit & 19th century Russian Lit, and a B- in Drugs & Modern Society), to spending a few days cleaning up my room / craft space/ upstairs bathroom at my house, to pack my bags for NY at the same time...I came here for a few weeks to relax, spend time with my friends, etc.

So I was doing my thing... working on craft projects, reading blogs, sleeping in, using the evenings/weekends to get quality friend time in...

Then yesterday I went and had a big adventure. My BFF had a work meeting in the I figured, hey, what the heck? Let me go with.

As much as I love Six Feet Under, painting on the porch with acrylics, designing art projects, Flight of the Conchords, finishing Firefly/Serenity, talking, laughing, planning my future, sleeping in a cool room, Michael's within walking distance, sleeping in, having nibbles of Frosty's and other tasties, 14 months and talks and shiny, and so much more... it will be terribly sad to go. This is my home, which I've felt since earlier this year... but back in Ohio: Ready to get my package from Elsie (I ordered it at the start of the week, and it didn't arrive before I left.. and now it'll be 2 1/2 weeks by the time I get home, so I hope it is there), whatever misc mail I got, misc tv shows (start of ANTM, getting to end if not actually over of Burn Notice, L&O:CI, The Cleaner..and fall season means shows start back up again, and want to try out Fringe and Dollhouse, not sure of anything else?), be around my family, get books/$$ & all else straight before fall quarter, continue to search for a job at school (or on High St. if necessary)..although I might have an interview already lined up, get Vitamin D levels fixed, JURY DUTY (so looking forward to it..), etc.

(wow, this post was in my draft folder. -T 8/13/10)

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