Thursday, September 9, 2010

september eighth two thousand and ten

Today I ... went to Duzan's last night with P, shared a sandwich and strawberry-kiwi snapple drink. went to bed around 1ish am. got up at 7 am. each doing our thing until 9:40 am when I ran out the door for my interview. (two best morning online finds? Ryan Jones (one of my OSU peeps!) is going to be in Antigua for 2 years as his Peace Corps stint, and he is keeping a blog... which reminds me, gotta find link to Tony Wong's blog again... AND that ^Elmo made an open call on youtube^ to submit a question - and he will answer some of them!)

had my interview from 11 am-noon (was there by like 10:40! yay!). was out until 2ish. went 34th street (I guess 34th/penn station on the C or B?) on the way home and ended up in herald square. got mickey d's ice cream cone, also did this thing kraft was doing about feeding america - i don't know, got some free kraft coupons and food. from 2ish-3:30ish was by myself at apartment/P's place, eating lunch and the like. gathering my things in backpack. etc.

330ish-5:23 pm was with P. in Peter G's convertible to Brooklyn. Then hoping on the L to ?8th Ave then the B (C? something?) to Penn Station-34th Street. Until we found the line for P to catch the train (buy his ticket) to Newark airport. I went and got myself blood orange (and a 1/4 mango) sorbet in the row of Penn Station, also the last missing piece of ^burts bees lip balm^ (the regular beeswax is classic. love pomegranate, got the mango recently but yet to use, now at the duane reade got the acai berry (rejuvenating)! have never seen but would like to try ^Res-Q^).

Went to Herald Square.. over to the "park" areas and sat down and ate my stuff. I saw a group of three gals, two with red hair, one with really bright/bold (and pretty) red hair.. and I wondered if it was ^@karahaupt^. so i did a ^tweet^ about it. oh and somewhere around here got a pumpkin & cream cheese muffin from starbucks (and no, did not eat it-will tomorrow in little bits over the day. I had to use the bathroom and that was what I could find)

I then went to Canal Street (obviously going to Chinatown). Wandered my way (by foot) to Grand Street, but fruit market places were closed. Somehow in Chinatown I thought I put $10 (two $5) in my pocket, but ended up with only one when I got to my dinner place. So I got dumplings (pork&cabbage-8-boiled)... & then right before subway I got milk tea (with boba bubbles, and kiwi flavor). Hopped on the subway, rode home eating dumplings and drinking my tea. waited for a longggg (well it seemed long) time for the m60, but did get it, and rode it home.

tonight i am chatting on twitter/gmail... reading my twitter feed, with a bit of tumblr thrown in, a bit of google reader, getting directions for saturday, loving ^THIS^ post .. and omg, you can get so so lost at the pretty via the Mad Men Casting Call Contest ^website^. L&O:UK (which might just be my second favorite L&O after the original. L&O CI and SVU have had their moments off/on over the years, and LOLA is too early to tell) is BACK with season 3 starting tomorrow.. and I can't help but be a tiny bit excited. :)

oh and in random celeb news..super super minor (but still "aw, MAN..")... LFO's (of that 1999 pop song "Summer Girls") lead singer, Rich Cronin, died today of a battle with leukemia. He was 35 years old. (via ^TMZ^)

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