Friday, September 5, 2008

welcome to me :)

Hey everyone...

It seems the more I get into the craft world online there are flickr groups, blogs, etsy pages, business websites, personal websites, commercial shops, all kinds of things and people and resources. :)

I am trying to do my best to remedy my forgetfulness and link all the craftiness/artiness on this site for my access, and to share with others as a well.

(below will be edited whenever I feel ideas and moods and likes/dislikes and etc. are always changing)

I love organic/natural foods, almost any kind of fruit (and things made out of fruit), chocolate milk, nathan's hot dogs, lamb, chocolate milk, MUFFINS, cookies, ice cream, cherry pie, biscuits from bob evans,.. (okey dokey, let's get past the food now)..

learning at college (especially reading literature and writing papers), children museums, art galleries/museums, watching television, making/designing crafts, shopping diy/handmade/etc. stuff,handwriting (myself and others), hands (myself and others), writing poetry - journals - letters - etc., embroidery & other hand stitchery, postal mail, libraries, bookstores, art journals, adventures/exploring with friends, books, reading (biographies and craft books and good literature and kids books and there are lots of good poets and..), japanese craft books, fabric, textures, colors, mixed media artwork, acrylic paint, hand dyed thread, handmade (pdf!) embroidery patterns, handspun yarn, talking/chatting/befriending artists/crafters etc., cinema/film (The Last King of Scotland really sticks out in my head of recent memory), foreign words + films + art + literature + culture/etc. (says the girl who can't learn foreign languages), time with my BFF, quotes, words, phrases, nicknames, song lyrics, public/mass transit, honesty (as a human quality),

National Gallery of Art in Washington DC (the Holocaust Museum, heck, DC in general), NYC in general, Kurt Halsey (the man and his artwork), Sabrina Ward Harrison (and her books), a million crafty/arty websites/blogs/etc., Columbus Arts Festival (and my two guys, Christopher Plummer and Chris Seeman.. oh and I've gotten stuff from Kim Young back in the day, she's nice:, handwriting (myself and others), hands (myself and others), my Ohio deliver people (Danny the UPS guy and the usual USPS guy with our route), Wholly Craft! and Sew to Speak (my Columbus Ohio haunts!), Finding Nemo (and Ellen as Dory), Peanuts comics, Elmo Grover and Ernie (Sesame Street :)), Cloth Paper Scissors and Entertainment Weekly magazines (but Craft and World Literature Today are among those lurking to be added fulltime), Mary Poppins and Sound of Music (my Julie Andrews classics), Mr. Rogers, Dave Thomas (founder of Wendy's), James Thurber, Jerry Orbach, Anne Hathaway, Scarlet Johannson, Alan Ball, Aaron Sorkin, Bradley Whitford, Allison Janney, Julie Taymor, Shirin Neshat, Emily VanCamp (Everwood, Brothers & Sisters), Sam Waterson as Jack McCoy (Law & Order), current cast of L&O - SVU - and CI,

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