Friday, September 5, 2008

Sharing List #1 09-05-08

If you are in Portland or anywhere near there.. Kurt Halsey has a show at Moshi Moshi Sept 4-30.. spoiler alert for photos (or for those like me who can't get to the real show)

Mollie has the cutest embroidery patterns.. I own both of her Baking Sets, the Honey one, and got the "I've Got a Notion" when it was free. Her blog is always a mixture of cooking, family, life, and of course her beautiful designs/products. :) Next on my list is the Recyclers and the Cinema Snacks patterns... but I have a restraining order on myself right now since I've gotten so much stuff this summer and I need to use it/sell stuff on etsy/something.. :) I was honored to share her blog over at Pimp Stitch and plus I got a free Pimp Stitch pattern of my choice for PS choosing her blog for their blogroll. :)

Feeling Stitchy (, Whip Up (, Craft ( are all places I need to spend more time.. and I could read and reread Elsie's blog (Flickr account, etsy shop, her scrapbook supplies in stores, etc) all day long... ...

Links to remember: Tutorial: Stuffies by Urban Threads New York Times article 9/3/08 from one of the MAKE magazine guys, a Staircase made out of skateboards. Awesome. photo spread, especially handwritten "soul is freedom, love is power, hope is love, dreams are revolutions..." pretty stitchery + close up of weeks dye works floss

Blogs to add: and

New blogs for me to check out:
Stitch and Destroy
Aesthetic Outburst

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