Saturday, September 6, 2008

I WANT Complete Embellishing!! :-)

Well, first off.. Kayte is one of my newest crushes. Her art, her blog, her..yeah.

I love how you get such a cool mix of techniques (sewing, embroidery, felting, applique, fabric printing and more) and a bunch of projects. So many books seem to focus on just one or the other (either intentionally or not) and with that, do one or both sections poorly. Dabbling in this and that is something I enjoy, and it will be great to learn new techniques and refine ones I do know.

The projects look like fun, sometimes as a relatively new beginner the difference between something I want to make vs. ability to make (or learn to make) can sometimes be different.

There are so many craft books out there these days... that in and of itself is pretty awesome. But to narrow down which ones to own/keep vs. just check out from the library vs. not even checking it out? I have to rely on others for advice, and I am pleased to see so many positive reviews (amazon, blogs, etc) online. :) This book is highly desirable to me, and I would be honored to win a copy of it. :)

Another bonus: Discovering the (New New) Etsy Team. :)

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