Tuesday, November 11, 2008

dismay. a loss of two fine gentlemen.

Recently I watched "The West Wing" (some random episode on Bravo). One of my ALL. TIME. FAVORITE. SHOWS. *guh!* Aaron Sorkin has this tremendous ability to create/write television. (shhh!, we won't talk about Studio 60 ;-)). I was an addict for the first four seasons (aka Sorkin years) but couldn't watch the final three (or four?) without him being there. Anyway, I had set our tv recorder for "Requiem" (http://www.tvguide.com/roush/watched-Requiem-23561.aspx)... sure the opening credits / theme music always make me cry.. but with the teaser scenes before the credits, by the time it got to credits, I was SOBBING. I couldn't stop for a couple minutes. It has been almost 3 years and apparently I was not quite ready for that episode...

This (John Spencer's death on December 16, 2005) and Jerry Orbach's death (Detective Lennie Briscoe on "Law & Order" December 29, 2004) were two of the most devastating events of my life. I am all pop-culture and all that stuff (my favorite magazine besides Cloth Paper Scissors and World Literature Today? By far, Entertainment Weekly), but normally death and other life events don't really affect me... not the case there.

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  1. Hi! Nice to meet you too! I had too much fun with those journal ideas. <3 I wasn't sure which blog to comment on; hope this is alright! Love.