Monday, November 10, 2008

theme per day/jumpstart on blogging?

Inspired by Floresita's list:
Mixtape Monday
Tips & Tutorials Tuesday
Wardrobe Wednesday
Three Things Thursday
Flashback Friday
Stitchy Saturday
Sketchy Sunday

I have this idea for my blogs...
Make, Do, Create Mondays -- actual make, do, create, not just talk. :)
Things Tuesdays -- wants, needs, items, things, stuff, materialistic....:)
Word Wednesdays -- text, type, font, words, phrases, languages, writing, letters, reading, talk, books, literature... :)
Thoughtful Thursdays -- thoughts on life/the world :)
Freedom Fridays -- for whatever I want to share.... :)
School Saturdays -- I do after all go to college and school is a tremendous part of my time, money, and energy. :)
Start Over Sundays -- reduce, reuse, recycle, redo, remake, etc. :)

Note this could be at any of blogs:
Caught Left Handed (general, catch-all, link storage)
For Love of Art and the Making (work/s in progress)
Texts and Threads (completed work/s)
A Trace Source of a Record (OSU stuff)
Dead Souls (literary/art and other intellectual commentary)
(probably not at archives and private/personal

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  1. hey lady! which blog do I comment on? haha!! man that's alot to keep up with! i can barely handle 1 blog! ha! thanks for your sweet comment!