Wednesday, November 5, 2008

the morning after: President Barack Obama

I am literately, like, spinning.

My mind, body, soul... in my head... just. WOW.

I spent so much time lately in the past 6 weeks or so... not to mention afternoons of weds, thurs, fri, (oct 30/31 nov 1) most of sun, mon, tues, weds (nov 4 through 7)... all for President Obama. :) I had so much fun getting out there promoting/supporting a man who has inspired me & so many others... I got to know my school better (like campus area) and meet lots of students (which isn't easy, since I am not an outgoing person). While I enjoyed every second I spent, this past week was awesome. Last night (830am-1015 pm) and today (1030am-4 pm, cleaning up)...*sigh* I couldn't ask for better cohorts. I am going to miss all of those from other states-California, New York, D.C., etc. who came here just to give their time, energy, and spirit.

I'm also super proud of my dad, because he spent time on monday & tuesday volunteeering (plus he got me stickers, a full sheet..and one that I hadn't seen/didn't have! ;))... today cleaning I got some gift cards, posters, buttons, stickers, etc. (not like I didn't already have a bunch of stuff). And yes, I'm a bit materialistic. Ah well.

I am now with a headache. It is hard to go back down to the ground. Reality has to strike back, and I keep feeling like I am aimlessly going around. I am lost and going "What am I suppose to do with my life now?" :)

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