Friday, August 27, 2010

This week...

--I have had three callbacks (Argo Tea on Monday (interview on Tues), 'wichcraft on Wednesday (interview on Thurs), and Fish Eddy's today/Thurs (calling back tomorrow/Friday).
--filled out a lot of online job forms and/or paper applications and/or handed out my resume (not to mention all the pounding of pavement...)
--watched plenty of Nip/Tuck season 5
--ended Six Feet Under with Peter (when was it that we watched the finale?)
--spray painted a rusty/old metal baking sheet purple, got paint all over my hands (weds)
--talked to on the phone... my dad (mon?, tues, weds), my mom (thurs), kenny (thurs), char (tues - well, by text and that's how you can reach her)
--getting to know subway/Union Square area/The City more and more.
-drank my last diet sunkist-sparkling lemonade (thurs)
--dreamed of employment at 'sesame workshop' :)
--not slept very well (so what else is new!)
--met the mailman
--got postal mail (EW on thurs, grover kit & makers faire box of posters/postcards/fun extras weds, turquoise thread mon?)
--bought groceries. in several places.
--didn't go to chinatown.

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