Wednesday, September 1, 2010

august was & september will

AUGUST was my first month away from home. well, at least what was my home (columbus, ohio). and starting over with a new place to call home (astoria, new york). also away from my family. i miss and love them, some moments more than others. was my first celebrity encounter. from going to the brooklyn museum of art on the opening day of Abdi Farah's exhibit. i ended up meeting Abdi and most of the cast from Work of Art. was spending time with Peter, my BFF. talking, chilling, watching tv, going out and about, trips to the grocery store, advice/brainstorming sessions, misunderstandings (not that many) was pounding pavement. - filling out job applications, handing out resumes, looking around online. was exploring The City and the subway system. was discovering the best places to buy food and fresh fruit and even a little candy. was gaining a tiny obsession with friendship bracelets, embroidery floss, japanese craft books (embroidery, sewing, bracelets, etc). - even finding two bookstores in bryant park area!! :) was saying goodbye to six feet under. starting mad men together (peter+i). continuing its always sunny, louie, parks and recreation. lamenting the loss of six feet under & wishing modern family was back on the air. was becoming the fruit dealer. living in the delicate ecosystem of the rainforest as toucan sam.

SEPTEMBER will be saying goodbye to peter. luckily not forever, just his trip to asia for two months. (leaves weds sept 8) will bring tasty foods. apple anything (pie, crisp, cider, or even just plain!), hot chocolate, eggnog, pumpkin pie, pecan pie, cranberry sauce, turkey+stuffing+mashed potatoes casserole, sweet potatoes, halloween candy, cinnamon spice, and more. will have me wearing sweaters and hoodies and tshirts for layers/layering. and jeans/skirts. perhaps even the appearance of tights if anyone is so lucky. will mark the beginning of my new friendship with kara. i am nervous she will not like me or be "too cool" or whatever. but we are in the same area and i've adored her blog/classes/etsy/twitter etc. etc. for years now. i will not forgive myself if I don't at least TRY. will contain the spark that jump starts my favorite season. i love the colors. the weather. the back to school vibe (i'm a sucker for school supplies even when I don't go to school). the energy and spirit. will have me think more. create more. hesitate less. procrastinate less. will end (if not already) misc tv shows... but this is the month where most of the shows "start" for the year.

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